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All leaders need feedback and insights that provides them with insights that will allow them to continuously improve, grow and develop. The most effective tools to accomplish this include self assessments that are based on best leadership practices (not perfect practices!) They provide us with meaningful, constructive feedback that enables us to have structured development and improvement discussions.

Groundfloor Labs utilise a suite of self assessments that rely on your honest and sincere self-insight and self-evaluation. They are not psychometric tests or psychological evaluations but rather practical assessments of components of leadership style!  There is no ‘ideal’ or ‘perfect’ style and all styles will be very effective – in the right situation! Not only can you learn to flex your style but you can also identify the style that enables you to deliver your best.

Self-assessment can take place at almost any point in a person’s life. Completing a regular self-assessment, can assist in determining whether one is meeting personal or professional goals. Self-assessment may aid in the learning process. It can assist in realising and learning from past mistakes, determining what courses of action need to be followed in continuing career development and identifying strengths and weaknesses. To perform a self-assessment, it is necessary to ask questions that receive an honest answer. Some items included in a self-assessment including and assessing thoughts, feelings, actions and behaviours to determine why a certain reaction to a situation occurred and what would be the best way to react.

The results of these assessments will provide you with an excellent framework and context for you to develop the competencies to think and therefore act with the most appropriate style to deliver the best! There are alternate possibilities for each proposition presented to you, there is no right or wrong, good or bad, just choose the one that seems to fit your current style the best!  For these assessments to really be of benefit to your growth, personal effectiveness and contribution, you must carefully think about and choose the statements that reflect your current approach – not the ‘desired’ approach to the selected leadership competence!!

Thinking Styles

Working Styles

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